Nutrition for ​your lifestyle.

Nutrition for a ​healthy you.


Maria Rowe


For individuals who want to achieve overall health or athletic performance goals by focusing on ​nutrition. You will receive personalized nutrition recommendations backed with nutrition education, ​handouts, accountability and access to a dietitian between sessions.


Initial 45 minute, virtual consultation

Weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute, virtual follow up sessions

One time personalized meal plan that meets your nutrition recommendations and personal goals

Handouts and downloads pertinent to the session

Meal and snack planning assistance for daily life or athletic performance

Unlimited support via in-app and email communication

Do you need a little help figuring out what to eat before your next big competition?

Individualized guide detailing what to eat and drink before, during, and after your next big race, event, ​or tournament so you can crush your goals and let your training shine.

Register below and you will receive the meal plan via email 5-10 business days after purchase.

Need your pre-competition meal plan in less than 5 days? Please specify upon registration.


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Are you looking for a nutrition resource to help you crush your goals?

Tired of trying to figure things out by yourself?

Join our small group of athletes to learn all things performance nutrition in a supportive group setting.

All video sessions will be recorded and available for replay by registered ​participants.

Pre-teen and teenage athletes - Feb 26, 2023 to Mar 26, 2023 (5 weeks) – Sundays at 4pm CST

Topics include:

Week 1 - Nutrition Basics and Performance Plates

Week 2 - Nutrient Timing, Fueling for Competition and Travel Meets

Week 3 - Energy Availability, Underfueling, and Periods & Performance

Week 4 - Body Image in Sport

Week 5 - Hydration, Caffeine, and Supplements

. . . and more!

Each session will include a 30 minute interactive presentation with live Q&A, access to handouts, slide ​deck, case studies, practical application of nutrition education, and a private Slack channel (parents of ​athletes ages 17 and under are encouraged to join the Slack channel).

What this program OFFERS:

— Education, group support, group accountability, and group troubleshooting

— Self application of sports nutrition principles

— Limited 1:1 nutrition coaching

What this program DOES NOT OFFER:

— 1:1 personalized coaching, nutrition tracking, and accountability

A Google Meet link will be emailed to pre-registered participants on the morning of each session.

Sessions will be recorded for pre-registered participants who are unable to attend.

Cost: $350


I teach you the skills necessary to

Fuel yourself adequately to meet your daily needs or athletic demand.

Create practical, nourishing meal plans to maintain high energy throughout the day.

Make optimal food choices to promote athletic recovery and prevent injury.

Prevent sugar crashes and enjoy consistent energy when exercising and beyond.

Regain self-trust and reconnect with your body to have a healthier relationship with food.

I am a registered dietitian, competitive masters runner, and mom of 3 athletes.

I work with active people and athletes of all ages and abilities,

from recreational athletes to top 10 NCAA recruits,

Olympic Trials qualifiers and semi-pro athletes.

I am passionate about helping individuals reach their personal health,

life and athletic performance goals through nutrition, whether that involves assistance

with meal planning or providing support through body image acceptance and relearning ​how to have a healthy relationship with food.

We all have different needs, and no two nutrition plans are the same.

Each person needs a specialized plan for success.

My passion is helping active individuals and athletes find balance and learn how to use ​nutrition to support lifestyle and training to create sustainable nutrition habits for life.


Looking for some make-aheads

for those hectic mornings?

Download my free e-book

for balanced breakfasts on the go!

Need some help figuring out

balanced snacks and meals?

Use the Mix and Match Snack Builder

as a quick reference guide to

create balanced snacks based on your ​individual needs and preferences.

Are you tired of cooking the same meals?

Want to switch things up, but

don’t know how? I've got you covered!

This guide will show you how to customize any ​recipe to fit your preferences and budget.

Do you need some guidance

when it comes to grocery shopping,

snacking, and dining out?

This guide can help you!


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